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NC COA Decides Handful of Workers' Comp Cases

Late last month, the North Carolina Court of Appeals published their opinions in the following workers’ compensation cases: Archie v. Kirk: The plaintiff worked for Edward Kirk changing billboard advertisements. Kirk provided necessary tools an… Read More
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NC Court of Appeals' Recent Workers' Compensation Cases

The North Carolina Court of Appeals heard two workers’ compensation cases on appeal and decided them earlier this month. The first, Mehaffey v. Burger King involved a manager at Burger King who suffered a compensable knee injury while at work.… Read More
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Recent NC COA Workers' Compensation Decisions

The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently issued several workers’ compensation opinions, though they were all unpublished and did not break any new ground. In Pope v. Johns Manville, the Court upheld the Industrial Commission’s decisio… Read More
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Court of Appeals Rules Attendant Care Services Compensable Without Pre-approval

When workers are severely injured, they may required attendant care, i.e. assistance in the home such as help with household tasks and personal nursing. Workers’ compensation can cover the costs of this care, if required, even if it is provided… Read More
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