Patterson Harkavy’s lawyers have decades of experience representing civil plaintiffs and criminal defendants on appeal in state and federal courts. One of our lawyers, Chris Brook, has been a judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals, four of our lawyers have clerked for federal appellate judges, and one chaired the North Carolina Bar Association’s Appellate Rules Committee. The firm has won landmark cases in the North Carolina Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in civil rights, employment law, labor law, and workers’ compensation.

With offices in Chapel Hill and Greensboro, North Carolina, our attorneys have represented individuals across the State in the appellate courts. Contact us toll-free at 1 (800) 458-2541 to see if we can help.

Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief

Patterson Harkavy regularly represents criminal defendants on direct appeal and in proceedings for post-conviction collateral relief. Click here for more information regarding our criminal appellate practice and the process for retaining us to assist you in your own criminal appeal.

Click here to read more about Paterson Harkavy’s legacy of defending our clients on appeal.

Civil Appeals

Our attorneys also represent individuals in civil appeals in the areas of civil rights, employment law, labor law, personal injury, and workers’ compensation. Click here for more information about our civil appeals practice and the process for referring a party to us for their appeal.

Click here to review examples of our appellate briefs.

Co-Counsel Services

Patterson Harkavy’s attorneys often serve as appellate co-counsel to attorneys who handled a case at the trial level. Sometimes we are retained just to write the appellate brief. In other cases, we provide the full range of appellate services, including preparation of the record on appeal, appellate motions practice, briefing, and oral argument.

Many trial lawyers have limited appellate experience, or find their time is better spent focusing on their clients’ needs in district and superior court. By working with our appellate team, you can ensure that your clients’ interests are well-represented at all stages of litigation.

Amicus Curiae Briefs

Our attorneys regularly prepare amicus briefs to ensure that clients’ interests are represented in litigation to which they are not a party. We have been retained by other law firms to represent the interests of their clients, and have submitted briefs for organizations including the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, the ACLU of North Carolina, the North Carolina Association of Educators, and the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys. Attorney Burton Craige served as Legal Affairs Counsel for the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, directing the organization’s appellate assistance program, including the preparation of amicus briefs and convening moot courts to prepare for oral argument.

Make an Impact: Protect Your Rights

If you or your client have a case headed to the appellate courts, you may need our expertise in appellate practice. Patterson Harkavy’s appeals attorneys are here to help. Whether we represent you directly, or work together with trial counsel, we can help present your best case on appeal. Call Patterson Harkavy toll free at 1-800-458-2541 or contact us online, to see if we can help.