Labor Law

Labor Law

Patterson Harkavy’s attorneys have been at the core of North Carolina’s labor movement since the 1970s. Our labor attorneys have represented national and international organizations, as well as local labor unions in some of the most successful unionization campaigns in the south. We have achieved notable results for unions, representatives, and their members facing resistance to their collective bargaining efforts, and illegal workplace practices.

With offices in Chapel Hill and Greensboro, North Carolina, our labor attorneys have achieved notable results for unions across the state. Contact us toll-free at 1 (800) 458-2541 to see if we can help.

Collective Bargaining Representation

Our attorneys have assisted most of the unions in North Carolina, and many more across the South, from orchestral musicians, to adjunct faculty, to teamsters, to tire factory workers. We regularly represent unions in labor arbitrations, before the National Labor Relations Board, and in federal court. Attorneys Mike Okun and Trisha Pande serve as counsel for the North Carolina State AFL-CIO. Attorney Narendra Ghosh serves on the Board of the AFL-CIO Union Lawyers Alliance. Our labor attorneys provide unparalleled representation for individual employees, union representatives, and their organizations in the following areas:

Union members and representatives may have questions about their rights and obligations under their existing contract, or need assistance creating policies and procedures for collective bargaining going forward. We will gladly discuss your situation, answer your questions, and guide you through your labor dispute.

Make an Impact: Protect Your Rights

If you are facing contract issues at work or collective bargaining violations on behalf of your union, you have the right to have your contract honored and your interests defended. Our attorneys have a proven track record of representing unions and their membership across North Carolina. If you have a pending union grievance or National Labor Relations Board complaint, call Patterson Harkavy at 1-800-458-2541 or contact us online today.