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Patterson Harkavy prevents the NC General Assembly from changing 2018 election rules

Patterson Harkavy attorneys Narendra Ghosh and Paul Smith successfully prevented the North Carolina General Assembly from changing the rules for 2018 judicial elections. The General Assembly originally created a system in which judicial candidates wo… Read More
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Patterson Harkavy files amicus brief in "ag-gag" litigation on behalf of professors Erwin Chemerinsky, Jack Preis

Last year, North Carolina enacted an “Ag-gag” bill aimed to silence whistle-blowers across the state. The bill creates criminal penalties that make it nearly impossible for citizens to legally gather evidence of workplace wrongdoing. It a… Read More
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Patterson Harkavy files suit against the Alamance County Sheriff's Office alleging First Amendment violation

Yesterday, Patterson Harkavy filed suit against the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of former deputy sheriff Jeffrey Randleman. The suit alleges that Mr. Randleman served as a law enforcement officer in the sheriff’s office for 22… Read More
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NC Court of Appeals Rejects Free Speech Retaliation Appeal

The North Carolina Court of Appeals published a decision in a free-speech retaliation case in Ginsberg v. Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina. The plaintiff, who worked at NC State University as a teaching assistant professor, cont… Read More
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