Mike Organizes Annual Labor Laywer Meeting with NLRB in Winston-Salem

As part of the Committee on Practice and Procedure under the NLRA (Southern Region (Region VIII) of the ABA’s Labor and Employment Section), Mike Okun helped organize the annual discussion between the labor bar and the NLRB Region 11’s Director, attorneys, and staff.   At today’s meeting at the NLRB office in Winston-Salem, we had the

Employee Free Choice Act Update — Specter Edition

Senator Arlen Specter has released more details on the EFCA compromise he has been working on, and also declared his confidence that he had 60 votes for the bill.  Instead of the majority sign-up provision, the bill would provide for quicker union elections with some sort of equal-time requirements.  And, the binding arbitration would be

Employee Free Choice Act Update

Here's the latest update on the Senate negotiations on EFCA.  As expected, it comes down to figuring out what the moderate Democrats in the Senate will support.  For more information of the various parts of the bill, see Narendra's paper on the NLRA and EFCA.

Narendra Speaks at NCBA CLE on Labor Law and the Employee Free Choice Act

Narendra Ghosh spoke at the North Carolina Bar Association’s 2009 Fundamentals of Employment Law CLE, which was held in Greensboro.  He was part of a duo presenting an overview of the National Labor Relations Act and the possible changes to it from the long-pending Employee Free Choice Act.  Along with Tom Farr, he presented a