Jon Harkavy publishes 2018 Supreme Court Review and a Guide to Representing Working People and Labor Unions in Fraught Times

This week, Jon Harkavy published two articles. The first, "2019 Supreme Court Commentary: Employment Law," summarizes and comments on all decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States from its most recent term that affect employment law, labor relations, employment arbitration and the employment relationship generally. The article also summarizes briefly the grants of certiorari in employment-related cases for the October 2019 Term and concludes with brief commentary on justice in the American workplace.

Jon also published "A Modest Blueprint for Representing Working People and Labor Unions in Fraught Times," which suggests approaches to dealing with the current anti-union climate in the American workplace. Building on examples of what union-side lawyers did when faced with the challenge of representing labor unions in Southern textile mills, the article makes a number of specific suggestions to counter what observers have termed a relentless assault on labor involving unchecked corporate power accompanied by income inequality and a decline in the well-being of working Americans.

Jon has spent this summer as a Visiting Research Fellow in the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School.

A Modest Blue

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