Criminal Defense

State and federal law books are filled with thousands of crimes, from the obvious to the obscure. Each one provides an opportunity for criminal accusation. The power to accuse is the power to destroy, and the direct and collateral consequences of criminal accusation and conviction have never been greater in North Carolina and the United States.

Even receiving a subpoena or being approached by the government as a witness in a case can have far-reaching implications and warrant the guidance and protection of individual criminal defense representation.

Brad Bannon has 20 years of experience representing people accused or otherwise embroiled in all manner of state and federal criminal trial court matters — from misdemeanor assault to first-degree murder and other violent crimes, and from drug offenses to complex fraud and other white collar crimes.

The firm also represents criminal defendants on appeal, in civil court, and in post-conviction criminal court.

We provide the accused and convicted with individualized and committed representation. No two people are the same. No two cases are the same. And no two defenses are the same. If you or anyone you know has been accused or convicted of a crime, or otherwise pulled into a criminal investigation or prosecution, please contact us.