Briefs Filed for Truck Driver in Workers' Compensation Appeal

In Hojnacki v. Last Rebel Trucking, we have filed an opening brief and a reply brief to the North Carolina Court of Appeals in this workers' compensation case. Mr. Hojnacki is an interstate truck driver who was severely injured while loading his truck. The primary issue on appeal is whether North Carolina's Workers' Compensation Act covers Mr. Hojnacki. Though he was injured in South Carolina, he was jointly employed by two trucking companies, one of which is based in North Carolina. Because our Act has a special provision for truck drivers, N.C.G.S. 97-19.1, and the Act can apply to out-of-state injuries, the court should find that the Act applies. Leto Copeley and Narendra Ghosh are representing Mr. Hojnacki.