2009 Workers' Compensation CLE Session on Benefits for State Employees

Valerie Johnson is speaking at tomorrow's NCAJ 2009 Workplace Torts and Workers' Compensation CLE, to be held in Chapel Hill. Valerie's presentation topic and paper are entitled State Employee Benefits and Workers' Comp: 2009 Update. One of the significant changes to be discussed is that Corvel Corporation is now the administrator of workers' comp benefits on behalf of the State, taking the place of Key Risk earlier this year.

Summary: Although the interaction between the state employee benefits system and the workers' compensation system has some points of friction that have been the source of litigation, as a general rule, the two systems fit together fairly neatly. This paper provides a broad overview of the benefits available to state employees from the State and discusses how the receipt of workers' compensation benefits would affect these benefits. Finally, it discusses how the careful structuring of settlements can mitigate or avoid offsets of workers' compensation benefits against benefits from the State.