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Patterson Harkavy Wins in Fourth Circuit for Underpaid Workers

In Simmons v. United Mortgage and Loan Investment, LLC, the Fourth Circuit ruled for plaintiffs and reversed the district court in this wage and hour case. The plaintiffs are Charlotte-based Junior Asset Managers for a mortgage company who were not p… Read More
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Disturbing Trend of More Temporary Workers

The New York Times highlights a disturbing trend that has occurred during the Great Recession: the greater percentage of workers being hired as temporary employees instead of permanent ones. Temporary workers often get lower wages, have little or no… Read More
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Millions to Lose Unemployment Benefits, Even if Extension Passes; New Course of Action Needed

Even if Congress manages to extend emergency unemployment benefits for more the millions of workers who could receive them, about four million others will see their benefits end over the next year, unless an entirely new program is created. This is a… Read More
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Decreasing Wages Continue Trend that Helped Cause Great Recession

Several recent articles highlight both the continuing pressure on workers’ wages as well how decreasing wages helped cause the Great Recession in the first place. This article points to a troubling reality that even for those unemployed people… Read More
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Mott's Strike Highlights Pressure on Workers

A strike at the Mott’s apple juice plant in New York highlights a significant issue besides the pay for these particular workers, as noted by this New York Times article: “The union movement and many outsiders view the strike as a high-st… Read More
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