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Court of Appeals Rejects REDA Claim by Pro Se Plaintiff

In Fatta v M & M Properties Management, Inc. the North Carolina Court of Appeals heard an appeal by a pro se plaintiff of the trial court’s granting of summary judgement. Plaintiff worked for the company in one of their hotels as a property… Read More
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NC Court of Appeals Cases on REDA and Appellate Procedure

Two opinions of note were issued by the North Carolina Court of Appeals yesterday. The first, Beard v. Cumberland County Hospital System, concerns North Carolina’s Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA). REDA prohibits discrimination… Read More
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More Retaliation Claims Being Filed

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights the trend of more retaliation cases being filed with the EEOC, and likely the courts. In addition to retaliation claims that are filed with the EEOC (i.e. retaliation related to race, sex, disability, e… Read More
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