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Appeals Court Decides Two Workers' Comp Cases

The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently published decisions in the following cases: In Coffey v Weyerhaeuser Co., the Court,based on N.C.G.S. 97-38 in the Workers’ Compensation Act, was tasked with determining “whether [Barber’s] d… Read More
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Hank Presents Paper on 2011 Changes to Workers' Comp Law

At a recent CLE addressing changes to North Carolina Workers’ Compensation law put on by the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, Hank Patterson presented his paper entitled “Changes to G.S. §97-29: Limitations on Total Disability Benefits… Read More
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Latest COA Decisions on Workers’ Compensation

The North Carolina Court of Appeals published two decisions on workers’ compensation this month. The first case, Kingston v. Lyon Construction, concerns workers’ compensation liens and third-party recoveries. The plaintiff was exposed to… Read More
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NC Court of Appeals' Latest Decisions on Workers' Compensation and Personal Injuries

Last week, the North Carolina Court of Appeals published four opinions concerns concerning workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. In Berardi v. Craven County Schools, the Court considered and described the Industrial Commission’… Read More
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