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NC Court of Appeals Supports Employment Contract Claim

In Lockett v. Sister-2-Sister Solutions, Inc., the North Carolina Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal of a breach of contract claim based on the plaintiff’s employment. In this case, the plaintiff had an employment contract with the defenda… Read More
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COA Finds Employment Claims Barred by Union Agreement

In Williams v. American Eagle Airlines, the North Carolina Court of Appeals addressed the interplay between union contracts and employment claims. In this case, the plaintiff had been a part-time fleet service clerk for American Eagle, where she was… Read More
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NC Court of Appeals Upholds Jury Verdict for Employee to Collect Earned Bonuses

Earlier this month, the North Carolina Court of Appeals issued Kornegay v. Aspen Asset Group LLC, an interesting case that raises and decides some key issues under the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act (NCWHA). At issue was whether the employee-plaint… Read More
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Supreme Court Affirms COA on Employment At Will Case

In Franco v. Lipposcience, Inc., the North Carolina Supreme Court affirmed per curiam an NC Court of Appeals decision regarding employment at will. The COA had issued a split-decision earlier this year, with Judge Wynn writing for the majority and Ju… Read More
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