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NC Appeals Court on Asbestos and Workers' Compensation

In Maudlin v. A.C. Corp et al., the North Carolina Court of Appeals addressed a multi-pronged asbestos case. The case involved a man who worked as a pipefitter for more than 19 years at the company. He was exposed to insulation that contained asbesto… Read More
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Latest COA Decisions on Workers’ Compensation

The North Carolina Court of Appeals published two decisions on workers’ compensation this month. The first case, Kingston v. Lyon Construction, concerns workers’ compensation liens and third-party recoveries. The plaintiff was exposed to… Read More
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Latest Workers' Compensation Opinion from NC Court of Appeals

On September 21, 2010, the North Carolina Court of Appeals released its latest batch of opinions, which included one published case on workers’ compensation. In Pope v. Johns Manville, the Court issued a second opinion in this case after granti… Read More
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NC Court of Appeals' Latest Decisions on Workers' Compensation and Medical Malpractice

Earlier this month, the North Carolina Court of Appeals issued several notable decisions. In Soder v. Corvel Corp., the Court effectively reminded workers’ compensation litigants to timely file their appeals to the Industrial Commission. In thi… Read More
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