Public School Employees

At Patterson Harkavy, we are committed to fighting for public education and public school teachers.

Representing Teachers, Administrators, and Educational Staff

In North Carolina, public school teachers are subject to special employment laws that apply only to them.  If you are a public school teacher with employment concerns, an experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and, if necessary, help you reach a resolution with your local board of education.

Patterson Harkavy attorney Narendra Ghosh regularly works with public school teachers, administrators, and educational staff with employment problems.  If you are a public school employee with concerns about your employment, contact us at 1-800-458-2541 to see if we can help.

Fighting for our Public Schools

Patterson Harkavy’s attorneys are committed to protecting public education in North Carolina. We have worked with the North Carolina Association of Educators and the North Carolina Justice Center to challenge the constitutionality of legislation eliminating the rights of North Carolina’s public school teachers and undermining the integrity of North Carolina’s public schools.

In 2013, Patterson Harkavy’s attorneys, together with the National Education Association, filed suit alleging that legislation eliminating teacher tenure violates the North Carolina and United States Constitutions.  In 2016, the North Carolina Supreme Court unanimously held that the General Assembly’s repeal of teacher tenure violated teachers’ rights under the United States Constitution.

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At Patterson Harkavy, we understand that public schools and public school teachers are the backbone of North Carolina.  If you are a public school employee seeking legal assistance, contact us to see if we can help.