Patterson Harkavy Wins Workers Compensation Case in Court of Appeals

In Hojnacki v. Last Rebel Trucking, the Court of Appeals reversed the Industrial Commission, and ruled that one of the defendant-companies, Last Rebel Trucking, was also one of the plaintiff's employers under the Workers' Compensation Act. The plaintiff, Mr. Hojnacki, was an interstate truck driver who was hired by Last Rebel Trucking, a local North Carolina company, to drive its truck under the dispatch of Comtrak Logistics, a large trucking company based in Tennessee. On appeal, it was admitted that Comtrak was one of Mr. Hojnacki's employers. In its opinion, the Court found that Last Rebel was also an employer because it paid Mr. Hojnacki for driving its truck following its general directions. The Court then remanded the case back to the Commission for a revised determination about jurisdiction and what benefits are owed to Mr. Hojnacki. Leto Copeley and Narendra Ghosh are representing Mr. Hojnacki.