Occupational Diseases

If your job caused an illness, disorder, or disability, you may be entitled to occupational disease benefits.  These claims are often based on things like exposure to asbestos or other hazardous substances, or problems related to repetitive physical strain.  However, without proper documentation by a lawyer experienced in this field, your claim may be turned down.

Decades of Experience

Patterson Harkavy’s attorneys have successfully represented victims of work-related illnesses for decades.   Attorney Hank Patterson is board-certified in workers' compensation law, and has litigated many of the seminal cases defining the bounds of workers' compensation law in North Carolina.  Attorney Narendra Ghosh authors the book chapter devoted to occupational diseases in “North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law: A Practical Guide to Success at Every Stage of a Claim.”

Our attorneys have extensive experience with lung diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and byssinosis.   We regularly represent claimants with with repetitive strain injuries or cumulative trauma disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, and profound hearing loss.  No matter what your occupational disease, we will use our expertise to ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve.   Contact us today to put our experience to work in your case.

Third Party Claims

When pursuing occupational disease claims, our attorneys also explore possible third-party liability claims against manufacturers, subcontractors, or other entities responsible for a worker’s exposure.  Such lawsuits can provide additional compensation for medical care, lost earnings and quality of life damages.

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North Carolina statutes and court rulings often make it difficult to bring occupational disease claims, even if you are completed incapacitated.  Qualified, experienced legal counsel can be critical to ensuring your claim’s success.

With offices in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh, our attorneys represent workers’ compensation claimants statewide.

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