New Report on Work-Family Conflict

On the heels of Mike's talk to the North Carolina Legislature’s Joint Study Committee on Work and Family Balance, the Center for American Progress has published an excellent new report, "The Three Faces of Work-Family Conflict." The paper describes how the typical workplace today is deeply out of sync with today’s workforce because of dramatic changes over the past few decades in incomes, working hours, and patterns of family care. Moreover, our employment laws have failed to keep up with these changes, and offer little support or protection for working families. The report calls for:

  • Short-term and extended leaves from work, including paid time off for family and medical leave and paid sick days.
  • Workplace flexibility to allow families to plan their work lives and their family lives.
  • High-quality and affordable childcare so that breadwinners can concentrate on work at work, and
  • Freedom from discrimination based on family responsibilities.

Check out the full report or the executive summary for more details.