NC Court of Appeals rules in favor of Narendra's clients in criminal appeal, wrongful death appeal

On Tuesday, the North Carolina Court of Appeals published two opinions finding in favor of Patterson Harkavy attorney Narendra Ghosh's clients.

In Haarhuis v. Cheek, a unanimous panel of the court affirmed a $4.25 million jury verdict in favor of the estate of a woman killed by a drunk driver. On appeal, the defendant argued that various problems before the trial court required reversal, including arguments based on jury voir dire, jury instructions, and jury arguments. Defendant also argued the jury verdict was excessive. The court rejected each of these arguments, affirming the verdict. At trial, the Plaintiff was represented by Attorney Leto Copeley of Copeley, Jonson & Groninger PLLC and Attorney David Stradley of White & Stradley PLLC. Narendra Ghosh represented the plaintiff on appeal.

In North Carolina v. Nicholson, a divided panel of the court reversed a criminal judgment for common law robbery against Narendra's client. The Court concluded that a police officer violated the Fourth Amendment when he stopped the defendant from entering a convenience store without any reasonable suspicion that he was engaged in criminal activity. Because the defendant's subsequent conviction was based on evidence discovered as a result of that seizure, the Court held that the Fourth Amendment violation required that the judgment be set aside.