Industrial Accidents

If you work in a factory, in construction, or in any industry where heavy physical work or heavy equipment is involved, you know your job involves certain risks. However, if the negligence of a third party (other than your employer) caused or contributed to your serious on-the-job injury, you may have a claim beyond the limited benefits of workers’ compensation.

Patterson Harkavy LLP offers extensive experience in both workers’ compensation law and civil litigation. We have achieved notable results on behalf of injured factory workers, construction crews, equipment servicers, and other industrial employees. Contact our experienced trial lawyers in Raleigh, Chapel Hill or Greensboro to determine if you have a third-party industrial accident case.

Construction, Machinery, and Factory Accidents

Patterson Harkavy LLP has handled serious personal injury and wrongful death cases involving North Carolina workers in a variety of industrial accidents:

  • Defective machinery and power tools
  • Heavy equipment and truck / trailer accidents
  • Falls from heights (roofs, scaffolding, ladders)
  • Explosions, fires, and chemical spills
  • Electrocution

We are familiar with the permanent and catastrophic injuries that often result from those accidents: severe burns, head injury and brain damage, paralysis and back injury, severed limbs and crush injuries. Our attorneys assemble a comprehensive package of medical, financial, and personal loss damages to provide for a future that may be drastically changed.

Third Party Liability

Industrial accident victims and their families are generally limited to the disability or death benefits provided through workers’ compensation settlements. However, you may have legal recourse if the actions or equipment provided by a third party are to blame, such as with:

  • A manufacturer of defective machinery, tools, equipment, or vehicles
  • A subcontractor on the same work site that created a safety hazard
  • Property owners whose negligence or intentional actions led to accidents

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