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New Laws Go Into Effect Today

A bunch of the new laws passed by the North Carolina legislature earlier this year go into effect today. The News and Observer highlights a few, including the statute of repose law that helps consumers injured by defective products. The N&O also… Read More
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Study Shows that Unions Help Make Family-Friendly Workplaces

Family-Friendly Workplaces: Do Unions Make a Difference?, written by Jennifer MacGillvary of the Labor Center at the University of California-Berkeley and Netsy Firestein of the Labor Project for Working Families, concludes the unions lead to workpla… Read More
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Labor Market Continues to Worsen

As our clients continue to tell us, the current labor market is an incredibly brutal environment for workers seeking work. Nationally, the number of job openings per person looking for a job is at a record low. Hopefully, the Senate will soon pass th… Read More
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