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Jennifer Bills

For more than 20 years, Jennifer Bills has represented individuals, nonprofits, and organizations in a full range of labor, civil rights, and disability-related legal matters. She also offers her expertise as a trusted advisor to small, women- and BI… Read More
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Christopher Brook

Attorney Christopher Brook is a Partner at Patterson Harkavy. He joined the firm in 2021, and his work with the firm focuses on the areas of appellate advocacy, civil rights, and employment law. Chris has recently ended a term on the North Carolina C… Read More
Christopher's Practice Areas:  Appeals, Civil Rights, Employment Law
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Trisha S. Pande

Attorney Trisha S. Pande is dedicated to fighting for workers’ rights and primarily represents employees and labor unions. She also contributes to the firm’s civil rights practice and represents the wrongfully convicted and victims of police misc… Read More
Trisha's Practice Areas:  Labor Law, Employment Law, Civil Rights
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Paul E. Smith

Attorney Paul E. Smith is a Partner at Patterson Harkavy. An integral member of the firm’s civil rights and appellate practice, Paul primarily represents employees, labor unions, and the victims of police misconduct. He is active in the North Carol… Read More
Paul's Practice Areas:  Employment Law, Labor Law, Civil Rights, Appeals
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Narendra K. Ghosh

Attorney Narendra K. Ghosh is a Partner at Patterson Harkavy LLP. With more than 15 years of legal experience, he focuses his practice on civil rights, employment law, labor law, workers’ compensation, and appellate advocacy. Narendra has litigated… Read More
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Michael G. Okun

Mike represents unions and individuals with labor and employment problems. He has represented local unions affiliated with more than two dozen international unions, as well as the internationals themselves, in hundreds of arbitrations, NLRB proceedin… Read More
Mike's Practice Areas:  Labor Law, Employment Law
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Jonathan R. Harkavy

Jonathan R. Harkavy is a partner at Patterson Harkavy, LLP. With decades of legal experience, Jon now limits his practice to alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation and neutral evaluation. Jon has conducted well over 4000 med… Read More
Jon's Practice Areas:  Mediation/ADR
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Henry N. Patterson, Jr.

Attorney Henry N. Patterson, Jr., is a Founding Partner of Patterson Harkavy, LLP. With more than 50 years of experience in the practice of law, his practice is focused on workers’ compensation, labor and employment, and disability entitlements. Ha… Read More
Hank's Practice Areas:  Workers' Compensation
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Burton Craige

Burton Craige is a Partner with Patterson Harkavy, focusing on civil rights and appellate advocacy. In 40 years of practice, he has won compensation for many victims of race and sex discrimination, medical malpractice, police misconduct, and wrongful… Read More
Burton's Practice Areas:  Civil Rights, Appeals
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Bradley J. Bannon

Attorney Bradley J. Bannon is a Partner with Patterson Harkavy, focusing on criminal defense and criminal appeals, civil rights, and professional licensing defense. Before joining the firm in 2016, he spent 20 years at the prestigious law firm of Che… Read More
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