4th Circuit Reverses District Court’s Grant of Summary Judgement in Sexual Harassment Case

In Okoli v. City of Baltimore, John P. Stewart was the director of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement (“CARE”) and served in the Mayor’s cabinet.  In June 2004, Stewart hired Katrina Okoli, an Africa-American woman, to serve as his executive assistant.  For the first few months, Stewart and Okoli worked well together.  Beginning in September

Fourth Circuit Supports Sex Harassment and Retaliation Claims

The Fourth Circuit recently issued an excellent decision in Okoli v. City of Baltimore.  This case presents claims under Title VII action for sexual harassment and retaliation (termination) for reporting the harassment.  Amazingly, the trial court dismissed the case.  The Fourth Circuit reversed, concluding that the plaintiff’s allegations that her boss forcibly kissed her, fondled

Patterson Harkavy Defeats Summary Jugment in Sexual Harassment Case

In the case of Pascoe v. Furniture Brands International, Judge Frank Whitney in the Western District of North Carolina denied the defendants’ motion for summary judgment on plaintiff’s claims of sexual harassment today.  The case will now proceed to trial, which is scheduled for later this month.  Ann Groninger and Joshua Van Kampen represent the

Fourth Circuit Rules for Sexual Harassment Victim

The Fourth Circuit has issued another good decision in favor of employees who are sexually harassed in EEOC v. Fairbrook Medical Clinic. This case involves a family medicine practice in Hickory, North Carolina.  Here’s the summary: “The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission brought this suit on behalf of Dr. Deborah Waechter against her former employer, Fairbrook

Fourth Circuit Rules for Plaintiff in Sexual Harassment Case

In Whitten v. Fred’s, Inc., the Fourth Circuit issued an important ruling in a sexual harassment case.  The Court concluded that the company-defendant could held liable for sexual harassment by its manager, even if the manager did not have the authority to fire the harassed worker.   Although the Court was addressing state law claims,

Fourth Circuit Affirms Sexual Harassment Verdict

In King v. McMillan, the Fourth Circuit affirmed a jury verdict and the court’s rulings in a sexual harassment case.  The plaintiff, a former deputy in a sheriff’s office, had been sexually harassed by the sheriff over several years.   A jury awarded her compensatory and punitive damages on her claims of battery and sexual harassment