New Laws Go Into Effect Today

A bunch of the new laws passed by the North Carolina legislature earlier this year go into effect today. The News and Observer highlights a few, including the statute of repose law that helps consumers injured by defective products. The N&O also has a more complete list of laws going into effect here.

Bills Protecting Workers and Consumers Signed by Governor

The Statute of Repose Bill was signed by Governor Perdue on August 5, and becomes effective on October 1, 2009.  The text of the bill can be found here. The Guaranty Fund Bill was signed by Governor Perdue on August 7, and becomes effective immediately.  The text of the bill can be found here.

Statute of Repose Bill passes NC Legislature

The statute of repose acts as a time limit for people injured by defective products to file a claim in court.  North Carolina had a 6-year statute of repose, which unfairly limited the rights of people injured by a product bought more than 6 years ago. Senate Bill 882 has passed the state House and

Burton Writes on Reforming the Statute of Repose

Burton Craige has written an article, entitled Reforming and Clarifying the Products Liability Statute of Repose, for an issue of Trial Briefs, the publication of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. The article discusses possible reform of the time-limit law for lawsuits about defective products that injure people. Summary: If Elaine had lived anywhere else