Burton and Narendra Secure Court of Appeals Win in Medical Malpractice Discovery Dispute

In Hammond v. Saini, __ N.C. App. ___, 748 S.E.2d 585 (2013), the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Patterson Harkavy’s client, Plaintiff Judy Hammond.  Ms. Hammond suffered severe injuries from an operating room fire while undergoing surgery to remove a possible basal cell carcinoma from her face.  In her subsequent medical malpractice suit,

Burton Speaks About the New Medical Malpractice Legislation

Burton Craige addressed another bill passed in the North Carolina General Assembly this session with his paper entitled “SB 33: The Brave New World of Malpractice Litigation” where he summarizes Senate Bill 33, shows its evolution and addresses some of the possible constitutional challenges that it may face.  He spoke about his paper at a

Burton Files Amicus Brief with Court of Appeals in Medical Malpractice Case

Burton Craige recently submitted an amicus brief with attorney Andrew J. Schwaba on behalf of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice in Jenkins v. Hearn Vascular Surgery P.A., addressing the question: “Is a child injured by prenatal medical malpractice barred from bringing a cause of action if the negligence occurred early in the pregnancy?”  A

Latest NC Supreme Court Decisions on Medical Malpractice and Employment Law

The North Carolina Supreme Court issued its latest round of decisions on April 15.  Two cases are worthy of note.  In the first, Brown v. Kindred Nursing Centers East, the 4-3 majority ruled that a plaintiff’s medical malpracitce complaint had to be dismissed because the plaintiff did not properly comply with the 120-day extension procedure

NC Court of Appeals’ Latest Decisions on Workers’ Compensation and Medical Malpractice

Earlier this month, the North Carolina Court of Appeals issued several notable decisions.  In Soder v. Corvel Corp., the Court effectively reminded workers’ compensation litigants to timely file their appeals to the Industrial Commission.  In this case, after noticing his appeal of the Deputy Commissioner’s decision to the Full Commission, the plaintiff missed his deadline

NC Court of Appeals on Line Between Medical Malpractice and Ordinary Negligence

The North Carolina Court of Appeals issued an opinion on February 16, in Deal v. Frye Regional Medical Center, addressing the line between medical malpractice cases and ordinary negligence cases.  There are special requirements on plaintiffs who file malpractice claims, unlike negligence claims, so the line is important.  In this case, the decedent had been

Burton, Hank, Mike, and Jonathan Recognized as North Carolina “Super Lawyers”

Four of Patterson Harkavy’s attorneys have been named North Carolina “Super Lawyers” for 2010 in a recent study by Law & Politics magazine.  The findings are published in the February 2010 edition of the North Carolina Super Lawyers magazine. Patterson Harkavy’s 2010 North Carolina “Super Lawyers” are: Burton Craige — Personal Injury: Medical Malpractice Hank

Burton on Health Care and “Defensive Medicine”

In the current debate about health care reform, we hear a renewed call by medical and insurance lobbyists, politicians, and media pundits for “malpractice reform.”  These ardent reformers do not seek to reduce medical malpractice or improve patient safety.  Instead they seek to block access to the courts for the families of patients who have