NC Court of Appeals Reviews Workers’ Comp Cases

The North Carolina Court of Appeals decided two workers’ compensation cases of note this week. The first, Salomon v. The Oaks of Carolina, involved a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) whose shoulder was injured when she was changing a partially paralyzed patient by herself with one arm and holding him up with the other.  The resident

Patterson Harkavy Prevails in Workers’ Comp Case In Court of Appeals

In Campbell v. National Pipe and Plastics Inc. the Plaintiff, Sherron Campbell, was represented in part by Narendra Ghosh of Patterson Harkavy.  The North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled for the plaintiff in affirming the North Carolina Industrial Commission’s Opinion and Award, which had awarded workers’ compensation benefits to Ms. Campbell. Ms. Campbell suffered injuries

Latest Workers’ Compensation Decision from NC Court of Appeals

Earlier this week, the North Carolina Court of Appeals published its latest workers’ compensation decision in Hedges v. Wake County Public School System.  In this case, the plaintiff had stumbled and fell when she walked into a workroom to make copies of payroll materials.  The plaintiff did not trip on something; she simply stumbled and

NC Court of Appeals Decisions on Workers’ Compensation — Part 2

The third workers’ compensation decision that the North Carolina Court of Appeals issued last week was Reaves v. Industrial Pump Service, a case that had already been to the Court last year.  Under the Pickrell presumption, “When an employee is found dead under circumstances indicating that death took place within the time and space limits

NC Court of Appeals Concludes Unexpected Injury Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation

The North Carolina Court of Appeals recently issued an interesting opinion in Gray v. RDU Airport Authority.  In the case, the plaintiff — a traffic control officer — was directing traffic in front of the airport terminals when he stepped backward onto a sloping part of a crosswalk and felt a sharp “pop,” later revealed