Burton Writes on Comparative Fault Legislation

Burton Craige has published an article entitled “The Road to Comparative Fault in North Carolina” in this month’s issue of The Litigator, the regular publication of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Litigation Section. Summary:  North Carolina is one of only five jurisdictions that retain the antiquated doctrine of contributory negligence. Here, as in Alabama, Maryland,

This Week’s Personal Injury Case from the NC Court of Appeals

The court issued an unpublished opinion about a pedestrian-vehicle auto accident in Hill v. Thompson this week.  In the case, the 15-year-old plaintiff crossed a highway near her home, not at a crosswalk, and was struck by defendants’ vehicle.  Defendants argued that plaintiff could not recover at all because she was contributorily negligent (partially at

Burton Writes on UATRA, Reforming Negligence Law

Burton Craige has written an article, entitled Should North Carolina Enact the Uniform Apportionment of Tort Responsibility Act?, for an issue of Trial Briefs, the publication of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. The article discusses possible reform of contributory negligence, and related laws for personal injury and negligence cases. Summary: North Carolina is one