Civil Rights

At Patterson Harkavy LLP, all of us are committed to protecting the rights of our clients, our families, and all citizens. To that end, we have litigated class action cases to enforce voting rights, and to uphold the rights of government employees, prisoners, and mentally disabled children. We have also represented individuals in cases of police brutality or governmental discrimination.

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All citizens have the right to be protected against unlawful intrusions by the government and discrimination by government and private entities. Laws protecting civil rights include those that prohibit discrimination in education, employment, credit, housing, medical and health care, public accommodations and facilities, and voting. If you believe your civil rights have been violated, contact our firm to have an attorney evaluate your case.

A Distinguished Record of Defending the People

Our civil rights attorneys have regularly prepared amicus briefs on behalf of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers on issues ranging from employment discrimination to unlawful drug testing and unconstitutional searches in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The lawyers at Patterson Harkavy LLP have successfully and energetically represented individuals and groups whose constitutional and civil rights were threatened or violated. We commonly receive referrals from other lawyers, labor unions, and the ACLU because of our experience in this area of law. Some of our distinguished cases include:

  • Improving conditions in state prisons (Small v. Martin).
  • Establishing a statewide right to treatment services for troubled youths (Willie M. v. Hunt).
  • Changing the method of electing county commissioners, city councils, and boards of education in many North Carolina communities.
  • Obtaining a substantial jury verdict in favor of two men who were assaulted and falsely arrested for participating in a union election campaign.
  • Proving that a university discriminated against a female athlete because of her sex (Mercer v. Duke University)

Do I Have a Civil Rights Case? Free Consultation

Civil rights violations are particularly difficult to prove, especially in today’s legal climate. As a result, we are able to accept only a limited number of these cases. If you believe you have suffered serious damage because of a civil rights violation or are one of a number of people suffering a systemic injustice, please contact us. E-mail Patterson Harkavy today or call (800) 458-2541.

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